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First Home Buyers

Wildecom Homes has house and land packages perfect for the first home buyer in Mandurah or Perth. By choosing to build a new home, rather than buying an established home you may qualify for $10,000 first homes buyer’s grant and save money on stamp duty.

If you are eligible for the first home owners grant; and have just $3,000.00 of your own savings for a deposit; you may be able to get into your first home right now! The Government provides finance through their keystart program to assist eligible people move out of renting into home ownership. To see if you fit the criteria go to

At Wildecom Homes we have experience in assisting first home buyers in all stages of the process of getting into your first home. We understand the process can seem daunting at first and we will help you each step of the way. We want your first experience of building a new home to be exciting and fun!

Check out our house and land packages: If you already have your land or know which suburb or estate you would like to live in and we don’t have a package listed here in that suburb or estate have a look at our designs and let us know which one’s appeal to you the most and we will help you design a new home that is perfect for you within your budget.

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