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Honest, Professional Approach in Building Our First Home

We took the big step of building our first home with Wildecom Homes and we know we made the right choice.

From helping with the design, to selections and not to mention the build time being quicker than expected, we couldn’t be happier with the level of service.

The building supervisor was always happy to take us through each stage and explain what was happening which helped ease any worries we may have had.

We were priced a complete home, with no hidden costs, which was different to our experiences with other builders. From the date our slab went down we moved in to a finished home 8 months later.

We would like to thank the Wildecom Homes team for their honest, professional approach. Thank you

Adrian & Shelley K.


High Level of Workmanship Throughout

My wife and I have built four homes, three of them with Klaus Wilde. I would not hesitate in recommending Klaus to anyone looking to build a new home. I can honestly say that the quality of our homes was second to none. Each time we sold buyers, real estate agents and professional building inspectors commented on the high level of workmanship throughout. Each time our building supervisors have been professional, organised and approachable. Quality, price and construction time were important to us and Klaus Wilde has never disappointed.

Dave and Chloe Chandler


Exceptional Quality Design and Build

I have four investment properties throughout Australia which were house and land construction homes. My last construction property, purchased in 2010, is of exceptional quality and my tenants told me what a fantastic place it was to live in from the design of the home down to the quality of the fixtures and fittings. They treated it as their own which I believe can be attributed to the excellent quality of the home.

Klaus Wilde has an eye for detail and an understanding of what people look for in a home and ensures that these features are put into his homes. My sister-in-law accompanied me on a routine inspection recently and was blown away when she walked through the front door. For a three bedroom home on a compact block, it appeared very roomy upon entry and the open plan living area had plenty of space with ample light coming into it.

Klaus has a well-oiled process for his construction work ensuring his clients are kept up to date with the progress of the construction providing fantastic photos at each stage and professional photos on completion. His standards are very high, expecting zero defects on completion of every home.

My only regret is that my previous properties weren’t also built by him, however, I would guarantee that my next one will be.

Klaus Wilde is a pleasure to work with and I would recommend him to any prospective purchaser.

Julie Connor


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